Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding Day!

What a great day! Beautiful summer weather, bright blue sky and just enough puffy white clouds to make it interesting. Paul & Mariclare designed and coordinated their own wedding while running their Sebastian business, Mama Mia's. Of course Paul had to do all the food as well. A lot of work for sure and it paid off. Their riverside home was transformed into a beautiful Florida haven.
Mariclare took off early with her wedding party and we all made are way to the river for a nice boat ride to the ceremony on Sebastian's own The Mangrove Mamma! Bride delivery, island style. Paul patiently waited dockside for his new bride along with over 150 guests.
Everything went off without a hitch. Smiles all around. The two made their vows to all on their favorite spot on the river and then it was off to the house for the reception pool side to the local band "Hair Peace."
Once I met both sides of the family it was obvious that their good nature, big hearts, generosity and loving playfulness was deep seated in family values and tradition. Both sides of the family are BIG and the love of family obviously runs very deep from both their sides.
The out pouring from the community made it obvious that this couple's little restaurant and their every growing relationship has made a beautiful impact on the local community and beyond.
Like two kids who couldn't sit still, this couple was naturally intent on having more fun then anyone at the ceremony.
The entire day was filled with laughter good stories and sorted mayhem. Even the typical Florida thunderstorm made the day more interesting and cooler. Temps were peaking by mid-day and many welcomed the short lived downpour. So much so the entire wedding party made it into the pool!
A day of celebration! Thank you very much to you both for having the opportunity to share this day with you. A big thank you to all the family that gave me a helping hand in one form or another throughout the day. Everyone made me feel very welcome!
Below is a quick collage. Pictures will go up soon. Once Mariclare has the opportunity to view them all, she will release them to everyone.
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Mariclare & Paul

The blog takes off!
Here are a few snapshots of my most recent engagement session with Mariclare and Paul. They are due to be wed on Sunday July 27th, 2008 at their cozy home near Sebastian, Florida.
One of the best things about shooting weddings is getting the chance to meet some great people. As a local business couple these two run an exceptional restaurant in the middle of town. Their story of how they met and where they are going are made of what just about everyone is looking for. A real romance.
I love the engagement shoot. This initial chance to get to "know" the people you will be covering during one of the biggest days of their lives is essential and fun. These two were like little kids, just having fun being with each other. They couldn't sit still, joking, smiling and playing. I was told this was their "breath" between work and planning their own wedding.
This area of Florida is one of the best if not the best place to be. Much of it is unspoiled and Mariclare and Paul have truly built a nest in paradise for themselves. See you at the Dinner!

Friday, July 18, 2008

New England Summer

A big thank you to the Trecosta Family for all their generosity and hospitality. The BIG family reunion was a blast. It rained and was overcast much of the time but that didn't stop anyone from jumping into a warming summer lake or taking a ride behind the boat.
It's not often one finds a family that gets along much less has this much fun together in one house. OK, a BIG house but one none the less.
Do hope you enjoy these few snapshots from this trip and of the family. The weather made for some colorless photography, so I just went with the theme and came up with some interesting effects. What do you think??
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