Monday, September 22, 2008


While enjoying New England I was invited for a last minute stroll along the Streets of Quebec for a photo shoot with Shireen Khavari.
The setting couldn't have been more beautiful nor the subject.
Working with people in an unfamiliar place is quite exciting. With out much time we chased the light on several occasions through the buildings and the streets. Any city has it's own flavor when it comes to light and Quebec is no exception. Bad weather hampered travel and shooting so we worked with whatever openings we had unexpected or not.
Shireen wanted something a little different when updating her recent photos files and was determined to do whatever it took to get something to remember.
I must say her tenacity and commitment was impressive. I carried her heels as we ran around the city chasing the setting sun shooting everything in our path. Who ever was checking us out could tell we were on a mission.
Then even as the temps dropped Shireen never complained always energetic and excited about what we were doing in the middle of one of the oldest cities on the North American Continent. By the time we found an authentic French restaurant I was bid to put the camera down and pay attention to my subject as opposed to my settings.
We didn't really take as many photos as I would have liked and still the mission was accomplished. Below is a small sample hot of the work flow.
I couldn't help but throw in some local shots as well. Enjoy

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Skydiving for The Holiday

Hello All! Been lost in the hills of New England for the last week or so. It's been a bit since I posted so figured I would show you what I've been shooting.
The threat of Hurricane G and now Hannah have kept me asking around for info, but the lack of reception has kept me off my phone. I actually lost my phone for three days. What a blessing.
Big once a year skydiving party to end the summer season here called for my photography skills. I know, end of season? End of summer? From Florida that just seems crazy. Hurricane season is just going, it couldn't be hotter and there is no end in sight to the humidity.
And that was more then enough reason to get away for a bit. Plus getting a chance to jump with long time friends, new friends and shoot some pictures was all I needed to say yes to this event.
Just an incredible time, weather and people here at Skydive New England. The owners Fred and Mikey couldn't have been nicer and really set me up to do a great job documenting the weekends events and jumping.
This PRIVATE airport with it's own landing strip, campground and facilities including a cafe are in the middle of nowhere and far from just about everyone. You either land on the airport or PRAY you land in a soft tree!
Warm sunny days, a slight chill at 13,500 and long sleeve evenings made for some comfortable living this past week in our wooded campground.
Still on the road at this point. Off to another adventure and should have more pics soon.
Take a looksee below for a sample of one of my favorite photo locations at 120 MPH.