Friday, July 18, 2008

New England Summer

A big thank you to the Trecosta Family for all their generosity and hospitality. The BIG family reunion was a blast. It rained and was overcast much of the time but that didn't stop anyone from jumping into a warming summer lake or taking a ride behind the boat.
It's not often one finds a family that gets along much less has this much fun together in one house. OK, a BIG house but one none the less.
Do hope you enjoy these few snapshots from this trip and of the family. The weather made for some colorless photography, so I just went with the theme and came up with some interesting effects. What do you think??
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ceherrington said...

You did a fantastic job capturing the personalities of each individual! The pictures make us smile and reminisce about the full week. The warmth and love within the family shines out of your slide show and, as has been said many times, "your pictures speak a thousand words". We will be able to relive the week with the moments you have captured. Thank you for that gift.

ceherrington said...

We love the pictures! Kyle is going to be psyched! I also love the collage. I keep looking at it and seeing more and more detail. But, you missed one person - yourself!

Thanks again for coming to share in the fun, and the wonderful pictures. We really enjoyed having you there. I have to say, I think everyone was a little mopey the day after you left. You were some of the main energy of the gang.