Sunday, April 19, 2009

Master Woodworker

Some of the most interesting people you will find right next door. My neighbors in Sebastian Florida just can't be beat. Ron, has built quite the little shop in his garage and I am constantly amazed at what he produces. He has built just about every piece of furniture in his house, from tables, desks, chairs to wooden toy rides. His latest fascination is the wood lathe and making bowls.
Ron's ability to network allowed him to hook up with a wood source, yep, it's a secret too. The pile of stumps looks like firewood to most, but for Ron its all about seeing the art waiting to get out.
Below are some examples of his work. And these peices are in the #20's. He is now over 100 pieces and he keeps getting better and better.
Using some off camera lighting in the middle of day was a challenge I really enjoyed.
Hope you do too.

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